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The Queenstage story

Valeria Linss and Esteban Rodriguez are the owners and Esteban is the cycling fanatic, hence the name and the proximity next door to bike shop, Velo Town.

Valeria is the culinary school grad and former cookbook editor and recipe tester who also was a producer for the Food Network.

Valeria also developed an amazing salsa called “Otra” that can be found on their avocado toast and as a side to any of their dishes. It’s inspired by salsa macha, an oil-based sauce made with sesame seeds and chile de arbol. Valeria’s version includes pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts and a blend of dried chiles.



Our commitment, first and foremost is with Leucadia and all of Encinitas. Leucadia has welcomed us with open arms, that is why we are committed to pay her back offering exceptional service, coffee and food. Offering only top quality and meeting all the highest standards, without losing the soul that makes this a magical place and always keeping it "FUNKY"

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